Wednesday, March 8, 2017

From broken hands to 101 pull-ups : Part 1

It's been almost 5 years since i have written something on my blog. May be i was not ready to share my life, May be facebook/twitter had replaced my need to blog. Or may be i was just plain lazy to write. Today i have a personal story to share.

Today I feel happy. Today I feel proud of myself, Today i can

"Wear a watch"

I know, i know what you are thinking why am i glorifying something a 5 year old can do. Let me give you a background.

Genius people learn from others mistakes.Normal People learn from their own one mistake , unfortunately i am the idiot who had to break both of his hands to learn that i need to be more careful on Mumbai roads.

Following is the timeline

Feb-2012 :  i broke my right Hand in a bike accident. 5 km/hr in front of my house.

March-2014 : I broke my left Hand in a bike accident. 40km/hr at western express highway saved by insurance, helmet and some good luck. Post this i sold my bike to my contractor who was redoing my house.

I had invasive surgeries on both of my hands just 2 years apart. I would say i was blessed to have good doctors to operate on my hands. 

I remember in 2012 i was in a hospital room with 2 beds and on the other bed was a muslim boy who had similar hand injury.  His Dad used to come to room to talk with us, He looked at both of us and told 

Patient's Dad : "Tum bachhon ko har cheez mazak lagti hain. hamesha kudna hain khelna hain, maa baap pe kya beetegi yeah kab samjoge ?"

[You kids feel everything is a joke, everytime you wanna play and jump around, you don't think what your parents have to go through.]

Me and Other patient pin-drop silence reminded me of days where i used to  get lectured by school principal.

Patient's Dad : "Beta tum batao ab kaise jeeoge aise tute hath se ?"

[Tell me son how will you live with a broken hand now ?]

Me : "Uncle itna tension na lo doctor bohot achha hain sab theek kar dega .."

[Don't worry uncle we have a good doctor he will fix everything. ]

Patient's Dad : "Beta alah tala ne jaisa banaya tha waisa toh kabhie nahi hoga."

[Nobody can mend it the way god had made your hand.]

Moments are like that: Some get imprinted in your brain like they happened yesterday, This is one of those for me. 

Fast forward to December 2014 I got married to Ammu. We both have nag for nautanki and theatrics. Naach gaana and bollywood is imbibed in us as a couple. We had a grand wedding, grander sangeet and a pretty amazing run as life-partners. 

Just a month before my wedding on November 6th, Ammu gifted me a watch. Now Ammu used to gift me things regularly. But this one was special. This was the first time when she said "I love you" to me. The watch was "That" memorabilia. I am not into watches or gold flashy rings as people sometime expect me to be as i am a GUJJU. But this watch is special. I wore it.  

Half way through the party, my head started spinning, I was going to fall on the floor but one of my friends caught me  and settled me down. I drank water, unbuttoned few shirt buttons, removed watch and kept on the table. After 5 mins i was normal and completely o.k.

That is when it dawned on me. My wrist is so weak, it cannot handle weight of the watch. 

The two operations had taken a toll on my body. Though i used to shake off the "accidents" by humor or ignore them with jokes, few times the pain returns reminding me that there are metal rods in both of my arms and 12 screws in my living walking human body.

I had accepted it. This is my life, i cannot pick up heavy objects, i cannot wear a watch and i definitely cannot go to the gym.

Almost a year passed since then, life went on as though nothing happened.

In November 2015 i came to India for short visit. I was doing rounds in my building, i love to walk at night with headphones on. "Me Time" although i always have Kishore sometimes Jagjit with me. I suddenly stopped at the same place where i had met with my first accident.  Memories were renewed. Something clicked. I had to take care of myself. I cannot accept my body the way it was. I had to workout.

"Crossfit" was the answer i zeroed down on. I have to go to Crossfit style gym do Mary Kom style tire flips, rope workouts. I had the answer ready when i boarded the plane to san fransisco. I am joining the crossfit Gym next day.

The journey gets really interesting in the second part. What happens once i land and what do i do to achieve my ultimate goal "Wear a watch" with pride i will say in the next part.


  1. Loved every bit of it. Great story telling. Looking fwd to part dwitiya :D

    1. Part Dwitiya is ready madam for you to read.


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