Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Who Am I - How To Play???

Who Am I ?????

Wow!! "Virtual Dumb Charades" is how I look at this game as. 

What an amazing game. You can start this game anytime, anywhere. All you need is another partner to play with or even a bigger group would do. 

This game will be a sure shot fun if played with a movie buff and a fast thinker or a person to throw fast hints to you. Get this game started and it can be the best ice-breaking game with your friends. 

You think you are a movie buff then let this game decide it for you. To let you break an ice with your friends / family in this busy world this game can refresh you for few hours and let you have a good time. 

All you got to do is Download WhoAmI game on your mobile and follow the instructions on How to play and Voila!! In few easy steps to play, you can start playing this game with 2 or more people. More the merrier but even a duo can equally enjoy it instead of being in silo.

How??? Let me tell you:
  1. Install WhoAmI game from Playstore / Appstore on your mobile and click on it

  1. If you are a first time user you can read on How To Play for instructions

  2. Or Select category Hollywood / Bollywood according to your expertise
  3. Tap on Start Game
  4. Select category you want to play; Actor, Director, Movies, Television (TV Soaps)
  5. Select Level “Easy” or “Hard”
  6. Place the mobile on your Forehead facing your opponent and tap on “Let’s Play”
  7. You are ready to play in 5,4,3,2,1….

Names of the category you selected would appear on the screen and your opponent player would be able to see it only. You do not know whose name is on the screen. You start asking for hints about the name and the opponent gives you answers in Yes/No or few short hints. If you guess the name correctly then tilt your phone forward, if wrong/pass then tilt it backwards and the Name changes. Easy, isn’t it?
  • Right Answer – Tilt your phone forward
  • Wrong answer – Tilt your phone backward

This allows points to be counted correctly.

So get a partner or many and get going with this game anywhere, anytime. This is surely one interesting, brain teaser game to think on hints and imaginary questions to ask every time.

You got 2 Minutes to Win It!!! :)

Download it here and Let's Play : 

AppStore Url :

Monday, May 9, 2016

New Game App Launched


Yes!!! We have finally launched our new Game App - Who Am I???

So you think you are a movie buff? Let the game decide it for you. 

Who Am I? A game which will help you refresh your Bollywood / Hollywood knowledge. Get an opponent or two or many and challenge them to play along.

Think of all the traits and characteristics of famous celebrities, movies, directors, personalities and let the opponent guess it correctly with your imaginary hints.

Who Am I? is a guess the right name game  where you can break the ice with each other. Starting from a duo to multiple players can play this game.

It can be played with your friends anytime anywhere. Just start the game by placing your phone on your forehead and get started !!!!

Download it here and Let's Play : 
AppStore Url :