Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Technical love shayari

Tu hi mera java, tu hi meri php hain,
Tu hi mera html, tu hi meri css hain,
Facebook mein tu hain, Twitter mein bhi tu hain,
Ek mere dil ko chodkar,
Google plus mein tu hi tu hain.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


chandni raatein aur pyaari si baatein
un baaton mein kabhie muskan laye zindagi
Ajab se ehsas mein dube hue pal,
aur har us pal mein kuch sikhaye zindagi
kabhie jo tanhaiyan hume jeene na de,
pyaara sa dost ban aaye zindagi.
Sab kuch paakar bhi kuch kum sa lage muje,
ek pyaara sa ehsas jo samjaye zindagi.
                -Dhaval Pancholi

Monday, June 6, 2011

Vodafone : Hidden Charges

                           Last night my mobile balance was Rs. 123 and today morning it was Rs. -9. Not a single call made, Not a singe message being sent. mysteriously all balanced been snatched away. Check out vodafone's hidden charges.

I have written an email to them. I will keep you posted when they reply me.

Hi Vodafone,

Name  : Dhaval Pancholi
Phone No  :-9*********
Location :- Mumbai
Issue :
                   I switched to vodafone from airtel since one year. Its been a pleasant experience so far.  I like to use pre-paid services because they are cheap and i am comfortable with them. I have an high end smart phone. Motorola Milestone. My issue is with the vodafone VL 99 data plan. I have been using this data plan since last 5 months.

The very basic issue is

1)  When the data plan is over. I do not recieve an SMS saying Your data plan is terminated you will have to recharge of 99 to continue using services. The money gets cut directly from my balance account. Because of this i lose around 100 to 150 rs. every month in 1 or 2 days. Since my data usage on phone are always very high. 

2) I tried to activate VL 99 scheme earlier this month 3 times but every time it said You are not allowed to use this service.  I tried to activate this scheme 4th and 5 th of june i am attaching the screen shot of my message.

3) I have lost my balance from Rs.123 to Rs.-9 in one night. THIS IS WRONG.

2) I try to refill at 1st of every month so that my ACT VL 99 plan remains active. This month however it just did not get active. I sent 3 sms this month.

I keep losing money almost every month. I have had it now. So help me out below
  1. Give me a number where i get to know exactly which date my data plan ends.
  2. Give me a number where i can check my data plan usage.
  3. I need a message to be sent to my mobile when my data plan is been finished.
  4. I also expect you restore my balance as it is not fair to charge your customer for services he has no idea about.

I would be expecting a reply soon.

I posted a tweet on vodafone twitter!/vodafonein but then still awaiting reply.

If any other vodafone prepaid customers have any issue please comment below.


Their customer care executive called and informed me that he will send my feedback further and he told me to email my query at their customer care support.  
He told me he is supposed to get back to me with a solution.Vodafone  have established communication but issue still remains unsolved. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kagaz si Umeed

Ek hasrat ne dil mein hamare jab janam liya,
Kuch khush se hum hue, kuch khush se tum bhi.
Ek tinke ne usi hasrat ko jo tod diya,
Kuch adhure se hum hue kuch adhure se tum bhi.

Kagaz si umeed thi apni,
Kajal sa sapna tha apna,
Paniyon ka  udta  aashiyan banane,
Hawaon sa housla tha apna.

Aur jeet ka ek chirag jo pal raha tha hamare dil me,
Kuch zara sa tum jale kuch zara sa hum bhi.
Aur us chirag ko lekar zindagi ke raaston par
Kuch zara sa tum chale kuch zara sa hum bhi.

Fir umeed ka daman humne kass ke pakda,
Fir nakamyabi ki dhul ko humne sar se jatka,
Harenge nahi is baar hum toh,
Hamare wajood ka angaar khila hain ab toh.

Is baar woh tinka aandhi bana tha,
Kuch zara sa tum dare kuch zara sa hum bhi
Uthake sar, chale hain hum andhi ko mitane
kuch takatwar tum the khade, kuch mazbut hum bhi.

Hairaniyan, pareshaniyan udte arzoo ki nadaniyan,
Janleva hamari mehnat ki jaanleva thi kahaniyan,
Daman jo pakda hain jeet ne farkr se hamara,
Rasta puche hamse manzil aur
ummeed mange hain sahara

Ek jurrat ki thi humne ek hasrat karne ki,
Aaj hasrat hain ek aur jurrat karne ki,
Jab jab hasraton ne hame aage badhaya,
Kuch aanson tum bheegein, kuch aanson hum bhi.
Jab jab hasraton ne hame jeena sikhaya,
Kuch bade se tum hue, kuch bade se hum bhi.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sachin Tendulkar : Surviving with a Billion Eyes

                                 Though not of a sports person, i felt to share something about not-so-little-champ of India. Even after being a legend, there is an other side of sachin, A not-so-seen side, a not-so-understood side. There is a reason a person would say "I don't wanna be Sachin."

Remember when you failed an examination. How many people recall that, your class, friends, relatives? You failed to make it to the IITs or IIMs. Who remembers. How many times have you had the feeling of being the best in your class, school , university, state….., you failed to get a visa stamped this quarter…, you missed a promotion this year…, how did it feel when you dad told you in your early twenties that you are good for nothing…..and now your boss tell you the same...

You keep introspecting and go into a shell when people most of whom don’t matter a dime in your life criticize you, back bite you, make fun of you. You are left sad and shattered and you cry when your own kin scoffs at you. You say I am feeling low today. It takes a lot from us to come out of these everyday situations and move on. A lot??? really?

Now here’s a man standing on the third man boundary in the last over of a world cup match. The bowler just has to bowl sensibly to win this game. What the man at the boundary sees is 4 rank bad bowls bowled without any sense of focus, planning or regret. India loses, yet again in those circumstances when he has done just about everything right.

He does not cry. Does not show any emotion. Just keeps his head down and leaves the field. He has seen these failures for 22 years now. And not just his class, relatives, friends but the whole world has seen these failures. We are too immature to even imagine what goes on in that mind and heart of his. That’s why I would never want to be Sachin.

True, he has single handedly lifted to moods of this entire nation umpteen number of times. He has been an inspiration to rise above our mediocrity. Nobody who has ever lifted the willow even comes close to this man’s genius. His dedication and metal strength is unparallel. This is specially for those people who would have made fun of him again last night when India lost. They are people who are mediocre in their own lives. Who just scoff at others to create cheap fun. Who have lived in a small hole throughout their lives and thought they have seen the oceans.

Think about the man himself. He is 37 years of age. He has been playing almost non stop for 22 years. The way he was running and diving around the field last night would have put 22 year olds to shame. The way he played the best opening quickies in the world was breathtaking. He just keeps getting better which is by the way humanly impossible. Its not for nothing that people call him GOD. 

But still I don’t want to be in those shoes. We struggle in keeping our monotonous lives straight, lives which affect a limited number of people. Imagine what would be the magnitude of the inner struggle for him, pain both mental and physical, tears that have frozen with time, knees and ankles and every other joint in the body that is either bandaged or needs to be attended to every night, eyes that don’t sleep before a big game, bats that have scored 99 international tons and still see expectations from a billion people. 

And he just converts those expectations into reality. We watch in awe, feel privileged.

Well I think its time that his team realizes that enough is enough. They have an obligation, not towards their country alone but towards sachin. They need to win this one for him. Stay assured that he himself will still deliver and leave no stone unturned to make sure India wins this cup. This is not just a game, and he is not just a sportsman. Its much more than this. Words fail here.....

An awesome article i found worth sharing .

Hey if you love sachin in any ways, Comment here and lets resolve not to have one negative thought about living Legend.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Google Apple Logo

                 Google as a search engine has been innovative and  creatively come up with a way of keeping the 'Google Homepage' Alive and different. It is always a pleasure to gain knowledge about birthday of your favorite game PACMAN while searching stuff. 

Google Pacman.

          However think how would google represent it's competitor Apple's Birthday. Well, with the help of my very good friend and not very good designer {she prides herself in Content Writing } Anuradha Deshmukh  I prepared a prefered mockup how would Google celebrate birth of Apple

Google -with -apple-1


What do you think about it  Your reviews comments about it.