Saturday, December 18, 2010

Yes i wanna Dream

 Happy are the eyes, who see you smiling once,
I wanna hold the skies, just give me one more chance,
I wanna chase the stars but I just don't know how?

Yes I wanna dream
I  wanna dream again right  now.

On the lonely roads, where I had sat and cried,
Worthless seemed  the world, no matter how much I had tried,
Someone held my hand and kissed the pain good bye.
I love so much my love, I swear I am not gonna lie.
Magic were your eyes magic were your words,
Then you saw me again, life went magical somehow,

Yes I wanna dream,
I wanna dream again right now.

Yes I wanna fly, up higher in the sky,
Yes I wanna see, and change my destiny,
Yes I do believe,  would make my dreams come TRUE,
Reaching to my goals I just  wanna laugh with you
I open all my heart, GOD  I wanna thank you somehow,

Yes I wanna dream,
I wanna dream again right now.

World is in my hands,I fear nothing now,
Dreams have all come TRUE, and happy I am now,
This is not the end I wanna dream little bigger now

Yes I wanna dream,
I wanna dream again right now.


[* Above poetry is official work of author . The video and lyrics can be shared as they are without any changes.They cannot be used for any commercial purposes without author’s permission. *]


  1. What do you know about "NIBIRU"? What do you plan to do about it? Write about this !! I like to hear your thoughts on The Final Hour ....

  2. Nibiru my ass!! I am the one controlling it. Only I can stop it! Ha ha ha!! What can a blog writer know about it? It is the fire In Me!! Ha ha ha...

  3. Weirdos!! They are in abundance...

  4. Dreams !!! Dreams !!!! Dreeeeamsss !! Were you on LSD Dude... Nice effort though!!! Must have pulled out some old poetry books from school days for inspiration!!!!


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