Saturday, November 20, 2010

Guzarish : Movie Review


                                              It’s not everyday you get a movie that touches your heart. Guzarish is a movie that has so much to offer that you cannot take all of it in one time watch. Different way to view Life, Positive way to live it,enjoy it, play it after all Sau gram zindagi. A very light hearted film talking on topic of mercy-killing. Emotionally HIGH Musically LEGENDARY and cinematically GENIOUS. I have lived my 3 hours of live fully on a journey with Ethan Mascarenhas.



                                  With a dream cast like Hrithik Roshan,Aishwarya Rai Bachhan and having a dream director magician, Mr. Bhansali No less than perfect can be expected. In any point of time i never felt hrithik was acting, He was living Ethan Mascarenhas. What would a football player do without legs ? Cricketer without hands ? A magician without both hands and legs. Portraying a complex character of Ethan must be very difficult yet Hrithik looks so effortless.  Aishwarya on the other hand looks stunningly beautiful. She has very less dialogues but she delivers a great performance with emotions and her dance moves. Yes surely money is worth seeing her dance.



                                 ”I love GOD and that is why i am dying to meet him”, “Fail again and Try Again and then Fail Again and Try Again” Well these two were my personal favorites and i can’t reveal them all. The court-room scene dialogues are just fantastic. Well you gotta see the movie to live them all. YES i said LIVE them not HEAR them. Dialogue-delivery of each of star cast is right to your heart.



                                        Not from the traditional era, Its from the wonderland the SLB has brought the music of guzarish. Simple Yet deep Sau Gram Zindagi. Happy and total fun UDI.. and definitely the title song being the soul of movie Bas itni si tumse Guzarish hain. The video below shows the geniuses of director and the musical director of the film



                     Sanjay Leela Bhansali is known for his sad ending in movies which would definitely make you leave theatre’s in moist eyes. The trend started from Hum Dil… followed by DevDas.. and was also somewhat in Saawariya… But Guzarish is different. Yes SLB leaves you in moist eyes but no you are happy when you leave hall. When you leave you carry something very special that bhansali gives you in abundance and abundace. LOTS OF HOPE  Loved the movie. Such stories need to be heared and such cinema brings proud to industry as well as nation. Proud of you Sanjay Sir Love you always


  1. I would like to say that it is a movie to live for , about a person who wants to die.

  2. Very well said Dhawal!! Very touching movie with many take home messages!

  3. Great review on a Sleek your style dhaval!

  4. Its a sweet melody...went thru its rythm

  5. What an outstanding movie... really heart touching


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