Monday, November 22, 2010

Golmaal : Movie Review / Dialogues


                                             Hilariously funny and rib tickling comedy Golmaal 3 surely lives up to its expectations. Moment from starting till ending Director Rohit Shetty  keeps you entertained. It had some of the really original funny dialogues and here are my personal favorites from movie.

Funny Dialogues ::

rolling on the floor laughing smiley  Picture ka naam naya daur rakhne se picture nayi nahi ho jaati.


What smiley      Kahan raja bhoj aur kahan gangu teli ??  Woh dono kahan hain yeh muje nahi malum.


 can't believe smiley  Bhagwan akrot bhi usiko deta hai  jiske muh me daant nahi hote.



vaccum emoticon Jinke ghar shishe ke hote hain woh basement me kapde badalte hain.


high voltage smiley Tumhare baap ka diya hua bag bharte bharte mera bharta nikal gaya.


expressing love with club smiley Guddi… guddi… tum toh buddhi ho gayi ho…



dog with bone in mouth emoticon Kutte ka naam masakali rakhne se kutta kabutar nahi ban jaata


princess emoticon Be on safe side. SAIF ke saath toh KAREENA hain


annoy smiley KUTTE KAMINE Hame kutta kehna toh kutton ki insult hain, aur kamina kehna SHAHID KAPOOR ki...


hammer punch emoticon Billi ko jab bhook lagti hain woh pahad khodti hain kyun?? Kyunki khoda pahad nikla chuha.


angry no smiley Chamakti cheez dekh ke hum dham dham dhamak pade. Har chamakti cheez sona  nahi hota har saboon rexona nahi hota...


crazy eyes smiley Meri bayi... aankh fadak rahi hain.. Kyunki thodi hi der mein maa ki aankh honewaali hain.


big laugh emoticon Jaise khud susu karne ke liye khud hi chaddi utarni padti hai


two in love smiley Aapki beti se phatte mohobbat ki hain... phatte


crazy drive smiley  Bhenchik chuziye..



  (Ale My favorite Song From Movie)

Hey guys these were few which i remembered  and liked if you have more to contribute please comment  i would be more than happy to update the dialogue-directory


  1. I love "Pirates of the caribbean"........ what is golmaal ... what does it mean????? Damn these effing indians !!!!

  2. You damn english !! or the effing Indies!!! Watch "OLD BOY"!! Ohhh crap! The Indians Copied That!!

  3. By the way @The English, I think that "Pirates of the Caribbean" was an effing US made movie!! Ting Tong ... anybody there?? Is it empty?? Maybe I should try Dynamite!

  4. Somebody sai watch "DHOOND TE REH JAOGE"... Much Better movie!!

  5. The EvesDroper must be a effing publicist for the movie ... Dont listen to him


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