Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ek Gb si love story

“Excuse me, Do you have 1 GB pen drive ? “
                            A very humble voice was audible to GO (Gopi), GO was lost and was glaring the beauty of error log.
ROM(A) :: Hello!!
            The girl demanding attention of at least 1 look. GO looked at her with a big question in his eyes. She walked away
ROM(A) :: "Developers are seriously insane and this gazing idiot is living proof of it." Roma talked to herself.
Rishi, GO’S friend and tester in the company looked at him
software_testing_t_shirt-p235099211655467342q6v8_400 RISHI
Rishi:  "Dude what the hell ? I would give her my both kidneys if she asked such sweetly.
your_kidneysRISHI’s Kidneys 
GO:  "so much for a return gift.” Go replied and got lost in error log.
Rishi removed  GO’s  wrist pen drive from his drawer.
Wrist-Band-USB-Flash-DrivesGO’s wrist pen drive
GO: "I don’t want there was some girl. She wants it."
Rishi : “I know that and you are going to give this to her Einstein.
GO: "NO ways !! and by the way what’s the ROI ?"
roi(ROI : Return of investment)
Rishi :”ROI ?? YOU wanna check a girl out and you see ROI ??  ”
He was very angry and he spat out
Rishi : ”U complicated resultant  of CPU’s unproductive gene. Hot chicks talk to you its like mission accomplished. Get your ass to her desk now. RIGHT NOW.
GO was confused he took the pen drive and went to her.
GO : "Hold this Drive !! Plug it in your socket"
ROM(A) surprised : "What the Hell ?"
She looked at him with her I-will-kick-your-ass-to-moon look.
SuperStock_1778R-2472 kick-your-ass-to-moon
GO was staring at her "shit why didn't I help her first time " he cursed himself. Go was not in a position to open his mouth but least what came out was
GO : "Please"
ROM(A) smiled at innocent idiot.
ROM(A) : " Plugged in !!! wow it fits completely. Hope it can hold how much it promises " she teased him.
GO : "What ?"
ROM(A) : " Drive !! I was talking about drive it can hold1 GB ...  Right? "
GO went technical
GO:  No No 970 MB to be exact but 10 to 15 MB varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.
ROM(A)  rolling her eyes 360 degree the typical girls I-dont-understand-your-bullshit-and-I-don't-care gesture.
rolling_eyes_phone eye rolling
GO was still gazing at her.
ROM(A)  :”HELLO What ?” she shrugged.
GO ran !!! GO ran like hell
Things were never same for GO. He came to his desk and couldn't concentrate go was responsible for monitoring the bank system. Network monitor, he had to raise a flag as soon as he saw suspicious activity. He had all backdoor authentication of servers after all GO was the one to create the security system which he was monitoring.  
Rishi : “Rascal !!! you are missing since 10 min’s. where were you ?”
GO : “1 gb pen drive I love you Rishi
GO embraced Rishi real hard
GO looked deeply in Rishi’s eyes and said “I love you” and embraced him again.
Rishi pushed him back, giving weird looks he smelled himself.
 Rishi : ”Dude you have done some SHITTY things in your life BUT THIS ? THIS was SHITTIEST of them all.
ROM(A) : ”Hello mr 1gb
GO turned back ROM was standing there.  GO turned bonkers his heart was pounding.
love-man-heart-pounding GO TURNED BONKERS
ROM(A) : “Bye Bye GO, I got to Go.
ROM smiled and went away.
GO looked at Rishi. Rishi knew exactly what he had to do.   
Rishi : ” Buddy you just hit a jackpot. Roma her name is ROMA
GO : ” Wow !!! i didn’t  knew that Tell me something original Sherlock Holmes 
Rishi : Mrs. ROMA Bajaj , She’s married i confirmed her name on watchman’s register
GO : “Married !!! i can’t believe she looked so ….  ”
Rishi : “Maintained and experienced ?” Rishi asked
GO : ”No Young and beautiful” GO corrected
securedownload (5)
ROM(A) : ”GO.. Your 1 GB pen drive  and  more thing i m not coming back so you can go back to work.
Go laughed and went back to work. He saw his drive and plugged it in.He checked pen drive and everything was empty just 1 file named sorry.He opened the file. “I m sorry you are a real sweetheart you deserve better
GO :”SORRY ? What the hell ??
Error log was flooding with errors
He looked at pen drive for authentication in servers but DRIVE WAS EMPTY.
GO : “Shit m screwed.
These were the last words of GO in organization. he was JAILED for 6 months for violation of privacy act.
and all of this because of 1 GB PEN DRIVE


  1. Real Nice one man, and Never Lend ur pendrives LOLZ

    Abhishek @ EC

  2. I knw sirji Agar aapko story pasand aayi toh apne doston ko boliye agar na-pasand aayi toh hame boliye ha ha

  3. AAAAhhhgggg!!! That fool!! Thats what happens when you think with your dick!!

  4. Director General(CIA)November 23, 2010 at 7:43 AM

    Thats pretty much obvious! Most men think with their d****!! That is what we capitalize on!! We have a section called "Surefire Getters". All Members of this section are gorgeous women!!

  5. Director General(FBI)November 23, 2010 at 7:46 AM

    We do the same thing too!! We always thought we were better than the CIA. Kudos to us!!

  6. Hey mr.Dhaval, I think this is your story! Moral of the story is Dont think with your Dick!!


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