Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dev-Dash with Dhavalyours: Mysteries and myths of science

                                                  I have never been a guy of science nor Math. despite being such detached from the subject, the myths floating about the subject have always amazed me. 

Myth 1 Is time travel really possible ??

             This is one question existing since decades.one challenge on the heavy shoulders of science.

1 ) Time travel is a very fascinating and interesting question often been discussed for intellectual happiness or for entertainment in movies. It is a myth which is been discussed that

MYTH :  A time circle exists and we travel with that time circle that’s why we live in present.if we can travel at speed of light or faster than speed of light we can break the time circle and travel  either forward or backward in time.

Vivid Imaginations : Following  Movie Deja Vu provides a very interesting philosophy, An interesting thought explaining how did the scientist in the movie have an break through  creating space time window.

The discussion is intellectually enhancing. But problem is a script writer can invent a fantasy world faster than a scientist can look into atoms. The idea of folding space is just absurd.
REALITY : The myth seems vague because time circle is a non-existent virtual entity which is assumed to be there. There is no solid proof of its existence, and even if we do believe it exists FTL(Faster than light)  itself is another myth. Albert Einstein’s special theory of relativity lead up to a remarkable conclusion that no object, whether animate or inanimate, can ever, under any means travel faster than speed of light.
HOPE : They said we cannot travel faster than sound but then we invented mark 15‘s. Now they say we cannot travel faster than light. One loop hole in this statement,  when this statement was made we already had guns The bullet definitely travels faster than sound so we had a static entity faster than sound so a ray of hope was der. But also there was a concern than human physical mass cannot be stable at such high speeds which is been taken care of at least at speed of sound level


Myth 2 FTL (Faster than light)

MYTH :  We can travel FTL. I would like to mention Einstein once again. His big idea was that amazing speed of light holds the key to every thing from the untold power of the atom to the possibility of time travel. Below video plants an amazing idea and reality connecting time travel and speed of light  

REALITY :  HOW is the question ?  How can we travel FTL ? Shadow they say. Our shadow moves  faster than us. So if  we can travel in shadow of light may be, may be we could go FTL but to travel in shadow of light you have to travel almost at the tail of it which as of now is  I M POSSIBLE. Below link gives and interesting age calculator of two brothers one on earth and other who travels to mystery planet.  Cool and easy demonstration of pretty difficult concept.


Hope :  Well i really wished to have an FTL. All the jet pilots in the world would want an FTL travel. Let’s hope someone break’s barriers and ftl one day does become reality 

Myth 3 Time is the fourth dimension

MYTH :  3 Dimensions are described academics. X, Y, Z axis. Where x represents the horizontal position y represents vertical position and.z represents the depth of an object. We can place an object exactly @ its position by 3 axis. Here the 4th dimension comes in. Where time is considered. Here a particular object may have different x,y,z position values depending on different timeframes. and that is when we consider time as a fourth dimension

REALITY :  Below video explains us why time being the fourth dimension is entirely not reasonable. A very nice grasp of  2D and 3D concepts so as to why we cannot see 4 dimensions and why do we suffer from dimension-phobia .

Again the loop hole is. Time again. If we record the objects in a past time frame we can place it exactly according to x,y,z values in that time frame but according to MYTH 1 we cannot see future so we cannot place an object in future. All 3 myths are interlinked with each other.

How to relate myth’s spiritually

Above all theories and misconception provide a deeper  insight a very different perception to life. If you would see the last video you will definitely agree that we cannot see a particular object in 4th dimension because we are bounded by our 3 dimensions. One theory a person can symbolize for thinking of GOD. You cannot see but have to believe not because GOD does not exist because we don’t have the vision to see him. If we would see our ancient scripture Bhagwat Gita  We have clearly seen god giving special eyes to all people in the Mahabharata when he took the vishwaroop darshan. One concept which has been prooved ages ago.


I would like to conclude with my favorite dialogue from my personal favorite book Angels and Daemons

Mr. Langdon all questions were once spiritual. Since the beginning of time spirituality and religion have been called of to fill the gaps that science did not understand. The rising and setting of the sun was once attributed to Helios and his burning chariot. Earthquakes. And volcanoes were the wrath of Poseidon. Science has proven that gods to be false idols.Soon all gods will be proven FALSE idols. Science has provided answers to almost every question man can ask. There are only few questions left ans they are the esoteric ones.

Hey we can have an open discussion on the topic either religiously or scientifically.  i don’t wanna be biased on the topic but being from an engineering background i favor science and facts over religion. So what do u guys think Time Travel, FTL possible ???

Keep Thinking,
Keep Guessing,
Always Yours,

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dev Dash with Dhavalyours : Art of buying a Domain

                                         I always have breathed and believed in open-source. Human knowledge should be shared. That's why this is one post I will take you to my journey of buying a domain name.
            What's in name ? I think proverb holds less significance in online digital world. Many people had a question "Dhaval when you own one website why do you want one more ? ?"  It takes huge energy and effort to convince them dhavalyours is a blog. Its just a domain name and redirected to my existing blogger page.
Buying my first domain was fairly easy. I wanted to introduce myself to the digital world. Dhavalyours.com was a good and only option I would go with. I started my website with great enthusiasm which I try very hard to keep updated.SEO wise there was one problem I faced. There was one website already existing with name "dhavaltours.com" so whenever I would type dhavalyours in google it would always suggest me dhavaltours pissing me off. I sat down and tried to understand Google's algorithms. Then I eventually realized more number of blog post’s I write, more I share, more will the relevance of dhavalyours.com will come.

And to a certain extent it helped also. So this time I was mega- cautious while buying a new domain . I wanted a catchy domain. I wanted a 1 letter tob3 letter domain name.  So I started my domain hunt.

Domain hunt technique 1

Technique: I started with numbers like zero.com,one.com etc..
All were bought. Then I started with two letter combination like aa.com ab.com etc... I insanely tried till az.com.

RESULT : Almost all domains were bought and the remaining were not purchasable or not atleast at the price I could buy them, one of the domain had a cost of more than 5 lacks.  Idea Dropped, new Idea.

Domain hunt technique 2

Technique: I published a feed to Facebook asking my friends to help me out with domain names. And yes I got suggestions and I was certainly excited with the response  The domain names suggested were dp.com, dy.com, fu.com,jk.com, chu.com, gpl.com, maa.com, PKT.com,IDO.pk, QB.com, 69.com, SEX.com (Mehboob Ali Suggestion)

RESULT : Almost all suggestions were bought. One thing i learnt, The purpose of website should be clear to people who are suggesting you domain name. All domain name's suggested were either weird and no relevance. As a matter of fact I learnt that sex.com is the most expensive domain. Idea Dropped, new Idea.

Domain hunt technique 3

Technique:    I was frustrated because at this point of time all the good domains were booked and taken. I wanted a 3 letter domain name, Relevance mattered a little. I just wanted an available 3 letter domain.  I found out all 3 letters existing in oxford dictionary I found a website which had a list of all 3 letter words. Now I used an Html Dom parser to parse html and get all the 3 letter words in an array. Before adding them to array I converted them to domain e.g. www.egg.com etc... now I used php get_headers function to find out which are the words whose domain name is not bought.

RESULT : News for you fellow's every 3 letter world is bought with a .com domain. But my attempt was not a complete failure. I found out below listed domain names which are short and available domain names.


One more thing these domains are available around 500 to 1000 INR. Most of them are available at price of Rs.500 at Go Daddy

                Idea had results but i was left in a confused state of mind.


Domain hunt technique 4

Technique:  Now i had list of available domain name’s the problem of relevance aroused now. None of this is relevant to what i wanna make. I had one domain in mind reinventingdreams.com. The problem was it was too long and too preachy and it definitely does not go by my style and personality. I was frustrated and annoyed. BULLSHIT I M BUYING AND I M BUYING IT NOW. Almost entering my credit card details i asked to myself “Are you sure you want this ??” Long silence.  I said Lets try once more. I had 5 friends online on chat  i started discussing and asking them suggestions for domain name’s.

Result:  The chat session was hilarious and really funny. I would like to paste the really enjoyable part …

dhaval Dhavalyours : codeshrushti.com i m buying codeshrushti.com

reeve Reeve : Not bad. But itna accha nahin hain re. Try CoderDude.com

dhaval Dhavalyours : Taken.

reeve Reeve : Codekimakasakinaka.com

dhaval Dhavalyours : ha ha ha ha but hey dudecoder.com is available

reeve Reeve : Codebomb.com

dhaval Dhavalyours : code which will blast your monitor away ha ha.

reeve Reeve : Codeblast.com, Funkycode.com, Fucksexycode.com

reeve Reeve : Shit Try Crazycode.com, Codexplode.com

dhaval Dhavalyours :  Taken.but hey codeswear.com, CODEULTI.COM (code ultimate),codogle.com ( short for code + google) are available

reeve Reeve : This is it try Baapcode.com

dhaval Dhavalyours :   AVAILABLE. hey guess what maacode.com, codemunni.com  abe codebhai.com is der

reeve Reeve : Lol  Codebhai.com

dhaval Dhavalyours :  Toh bhai aur baap le bich mein competition hain codebaap.com or codebhai.com

dhaval Dhavalyours : codebhai.com is in bapu ko bye bye

reeve Reeve : You know dhaval i saved best one for me http://www.madarcode.com

dhaval Dhavalyours : Reeve BEST OF LUCK.

                                             So in this way i ended up buying www.codebhai.com My new site. will be functional in few months and would reveal the secret of site-matter later. I think the journey is more worthwhile than the destination itself. As someone said “To always have a good idea Have many of them

I seriously enjoyed my process of buying a domain hope you guys enjoyed reading it too.