Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gokulashtami : The spirit of Mumbai

Mumbai Is sheher ko jitna dekho roz thoda aur dikhta hain

Here i show you gokulashtami festival in mumbai.

We start with celebrations.

We make our own challenges

We are always togather to face the challenges.

                                                      Yes we do touch our success before actually rejoicing with it.

                                                                                        We hang along till we really win.

                                                                            We are always together when we fall.

                                                Our hero's are independent of  "Age" Factor.


  1. Really nice post.Loved the way you copyrighted the pics :- shows that they have something of value!

  2. @anmol thanks man just learning hope you are having a great time there.

  3. From your locality ?? Or jus on the click..??

  4. I hate the cold at work place .. that fatso .. gonna get him!!! Oooops wrong place ! What happened ? Who is ths ? Never mind !

  5. Yes these were from my locality all of them great to see spirit of mumbai. These are the unheard untold hero's who really make the city alive

  6. What is in the pot ? Why is it so high ? What would you do with whatever is in it ? How long do you use it ? What do you do after it is finished ?
    Do you tie one up again and climb over each other to get it ?


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