Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bekar Engineer : (Viva Preparation) Exam Elimination Part 1

Hi all writing this blog post would be a real threat to my life. Some character names are been changed for my own security purposes. I know its risky but i wanted everyone to hear our story So buckle up and enjoy the wackiest Engineering exam ever.

   Mehul : Dhaval, SHAKILA Kal BAMBOO maarne waali hain.

Phone cut. Absolute silence . Maa... Dhuri All my balls in my mouth. Shit Man this woman is really gonna screw our batch.

36024_125865337453556_100000902714556_142208_7743192_nphoto courtesy Sarvesh Gaitonde.

 I was called the sms-man of my college. I wrote an sms " SHAKILA man viva tomm. 10 am sharp." and everybody understood this sharp meant a lot because 10 am and 1 freaking millisecond meant lecture elimination. I hit the send-to-all button.

Now i knew entire world is gonna call me and i m having 1 talkative sleepless night.

Call 1 Mayuri Pimple
  Mayuri Pimple : Dha saale nind kyun kharab karta hain re ?? Aur haan sab yaad karke  aana     main last viva mein absent thi.

 Dhaval Pancholi : Par mayu...

Phone disconnected. mayu had missed her last viva for her friends, friends 6th cousin 's 12'th Birthday party. YES such relations DID matter for mayu. by the way mayu was in my batch and my best friend.It was me Vaibhav and Mayuri.

Call 2 Amey A. Kulkarni
Phone rings rings and rings I m brushing my teeth so i don't pick it up. yes you do such weird stuff in engineering

  • You brush teeth at 1 pm.
  • You get bowel movements anytime.
  • You have lunch at 3 am yeah  if u call it lunch.

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 Amey A. Kulkarni : dhaval Kal viva hain kaya ??

 Dhaval Pancholi : (Yes einstein why on earth i would message you ??) but i say "Haan yaar"

  Amey A. Kulkarni : Kinna portion hai? ?

   Dhaval Pancholi : Oh shit yeh toh maalum nahi ruk 5 minute mein re-call karta hu.

Now i call Mehul Again.

  Dhaval Pancholi : Saale  kitne chapter hain re ??

  Mehul Prajapati :- 3, 4 bol rahi thi re, thik se Yaad nai aa raha hai.. 

   Fucking 1 chapter meant memorizing 200 more pages of absolute bullshit. And this Mother F says yaad  Nahi aa raha.

  Mehul Prajapati :-3, 3 pakka ......... haan haan pakka 3 hi hain re.

  Dhaval Pancholi : Mehul aur ek Baar soch le because if u r wrong apna CO3A batch will rip my balls off man.
I revert back to amey and the last call was of
RAJ (yes right out of bollywood film industry )

 RAJ : Dhaval Should I visit a hair dresser because she kindda hates my pony man? ? Par Sala pony kataya toh girl-friend klpd de Degi
(klpd means khade L pe dhoka. now if u dont understand meaning of L you are not educated enough to read my blog )

                                So this was it for the night. The new Day came anticipated and scary.
I would really like to continue but then this blog post would become big real big so for your convenience and my SEO benefit would write the real via story in my next blog post.

Bekar Engineer : Exam Elimination The Finale

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  1. I know one shakila ! A softcore Movie actress, Dude !! Did she take your viva !!!!
    Wonder what the questions were based on ! Cant wait for you to elaborate.....

  2. shakila ke bare me kuch bolo mat nahi to @sanket kat-kar dega LOl

  3. Yeh post dekh you would be laughing your balls off man

  4. @ Dhaval! Please write your fascinating memories about BLACK DAY Celebration for Ms.Shakila ( or Shar...... u know,right?)

  5. @ Mehul - banta , main na hota to tum logo ke KLV ho jata! ( For more info on KLV, contact blog owner.....)

    Lekin dil ki baat hai yaar, I MISS SHAKILA......kyun dhaval?


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