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Thanks Giving Speech : Last Day of Diploma Graduation

                                       I know, i don't look the like the TYPE, but yes Being a GS (General Secretary) at my Diploma college I had the privilege or the Burden to give a thanks giving speech. I donno if it went well or not thats up to you to decide but this is how it goes.

                                        "Accomplishment and success, Often is a result of perseverance and hard work rather than skill and talent." Today standing before you as the big day dawns, I see all of my friends happy & delighted to step in a new world of success, to step in a world where everything is a question or by Mrs. Ambuja's language "an unbalanced mathematical equation", to go somewhere where hurdles are countless but the optimistic attitudes are like pearls in the ocean. Life is really very difficult to walk by just getting simple landmarks, if you trust they will help. Life would be replica of just Mrs. Mahajan theory "Its either 0 or 1, either you succeed in your life or you go for a toss". Either you win or you are like 70% of public loosing hopes , hard to accept vivid truth of life 'Failure'.
                                       Today is something i cannot forget, Today is something we cannot forget because even if i weren't your best of the students Patil sir,You sure did teach me respect to language. We would always miss these days because whenever we would bunk our lectures we wont get another Katkar Sir to give us kiddish yet horrible punishments like "holding our ears".  I would really be thankful to you Mukund Sir to show the connection between success and me. Interfacing hard-work with my skill so that i could reach the IP Address of my destiny. The cable may be co-axial one like me(Bekar Engineer) or a fibre optic piece of Amogh Walawalkar(Mr Brilliant of our class). The source transmission speed of you mukund Sir always remained the same.
                                    Today i wont forget because whenever the logic of my life was wrong, Whenever my given Input(playing counter-strike) would never produce desired output(scoring distinction), Whenever my
if{i would fail}  conditions would turn out to be a multiplied for{I do always fail}  I would always get an evergreen compiler and problem solver standing gently beside me. Who can be a perfect example of perfectionist and humility other than Mrs. Asmita Tekade ?
                                    A very significant person around us challenges Newtons law for almost three years and yet not being in the lime-light of our college. Always a friction to Mass-Bunking. Today is a day i wont forget it is you Mrs, Swati
who gave smile to everyone in each and every situation. Every action (sleeping in the class) has equal and opposite reaction (extermination from lecture). But still Ma'm you have given us more knowledge than we ever deserved. Ma'm Please tell us today

 aapke सहनशक्ति का राज़ क्या हैं ?

                                 Dhaval तू kitna Bor karta हैं, प्रदीप class Mein maat soja, Viral, soham तुम दोनों toh बहार hi niklo.. No marks for guessing undoubtedly Mrs. Varsha Ma'm you not only thought us the theory of head and body but also the concept of  How To Manage Life HTML.
                                  How can i forget today because whenever the back E.M.F. (Electro magnetic Force){Super bore topic} would cut my enthusiasm,  I would get a strong force providing resistance to my laziness and inductance to my stupidity. Mini miss.. आप तो hamesha Bolte रहो ....... I would definitely remember this day because the wakda, tehda lines of my life were converted into a artistic creation, a marvelous piece of structure by the marvellous and excellent one and only Mr. Deshmukh Sir.

                                    Lastly बाला  jar tuza Logic CLEAR tar sagle kahi CLEAR. Whenever i was wrong  bombarding me with 'Chukla' 'Chukla' 'Chukla' . How can i forget multiple talented Mrs. Bhatiya Ma'am teaching simultaneously multiple subjects and still finishing syllabus in time.

                                    I would at the end like to express gratitude to all my friends for being a positive inspiration in either  Mass-Bunking  or  Maska Maring  I would like to say something about my class CO3A.  Our class would stand out of lectures for punishments and that is why our class is the most out-standing batch in history of Muchhala Polytechnic. I would like to thank the college authorities for giving us the courtesy to use internet 1/2 hour the whole year. I would like to thank Katkar sir  to be very linient 
                                  I as GS of my college and CR (Class Representative ) of CO3A would like to thank all on behalf of all CO3A to all teaching,non-teaching staff,to principal, to H O D, to all others whom i mentioned or whom i forgot to mention. Thank you all for your sound co-operation and making us something valuable that you would be proud of.If mistakenly or with reason we have insulted anyone or performed any action against the rules of humility i am sorry. Teachers Please Bless us for our bright futures. Thank You.

                               Journey back the memory lane huh.. , just clearing my old stuff books i found my diploma thanks giving speech thought would be fun enough to share with you all. Here i attach the first page of original copy, along with my STUDENT OF THE YEAR MEDAL to give you feel of it.  Lost Days never come back do they Miss you all of you guyz every single second of my life.

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  1. Its an awesome speech..

    U r really a brilliant student.

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