Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Special ways to identify Computer Engineering Disease

  • You suffer from Engineering Disease when :You mix chai with maggi and eat new dish                                                                                          "roti-chai maggi ke saath."

  • You suffer from Engineering Disease when :You forget Changing your underwear for months until your girlfriend ditches you or your Mom Kicks your Butt.

  • You suffer from Engineering Disease when :You hold your tea-cup in hands for 2 hours and then with the tea-cup in your hand you go to your mother and yell "Where the fuck is my Tea ?? "  only to get your butt kicked A G A I N.

  • You suffer from Engineering Disease when :When you are gone for AIDS check up and doctor asks you Are you positive Dhaval ? and hearing your name you suddenly shout. "Roll no. 48 Sir YES Sir."

  • You suffer from Engineering Disease when :You calculate sine angle of your piss from your tool to your toilet hole.

  • You suffer from Engineering Disease when                                                                You meet a girl at Hi-fi

        You hang out with her on Twitter

      You  Propose her on Facebook

      You marry her on  Shaadi

       You have your honey moon on MySpace

We hear rumors of your children at Buzz

          Finally you get two Children Orkut and Chirkut 

                           Any more insanity of Engineers i have failed to cover please help my noble cause.


  1. thats really very cool dude....
    next time please do explain the state of a creative mind heheheheheheh :)
    that would be more interesting

  2. This is such an insult to all the hard working engineers around the world .. I cannot tolerate this and take serious offense to your remark ... @Creative Ash: What the hell is cool about this .. this is the nature of all absent minded people of the world .. If all the engineers were absent minded then we would be in the stone age.

  3. And here is one more example

    Your boss is pissed off on you on office. Your wife screws you at home. People don't let you piss silently in public toilets so frustrated what do you do ??

    You go to people's blogpost and comment shit and remove your frustration. You are welcome Mr. Anonymous feel free to roam and comment anything you want or like Feel this website as your commenting wikipedia I accept everything and that is why everyone accepts me.

  4. I don't think you did "accept" my comment in good spirit as the kind of reply you have posted sort of gives me a feel about your sate of mind after your read it... As far as I am concerned "sorry to spoil your fun, buddy!"


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