Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lg Monitor Problems : White Lines on Monitor

                                     The worst thing that can happen after buying a new computer that only few months after you bought it parts go haywire. The same thing happened to me. My computer was just 8 months old and my monitor had problem there was a white line on my monitor. I noticed it day 1. I thought rainy season effect, would disappear in some time. Forget disappearing lines continue to grow. Now this was last stage my monitor has 6 white lines thick enough to really really get me angry. I went to my comp shop and as expected he ditched me. "Take a new monitor". Did you get a feeling of murdering a guy once in your life ?? i had it.
                                      Now since the most assured hope had failed me, i was pissed looked into web for solutions Googled it and following 2 solutions i found repeatedly.
1) Check all the connections. (unplug and plug it again as if i had never done it before)
2) Its a major problem monitor replace if under guarantee is the only solution.
 Lg monitor comes with a 3 year warranty at least my monitor came with that. This is how i saved my trouble


STEP 2 GO to  Regional Service Office 
This is the area where they give you nearest lg-service center number
Call them mention your problem. My misfortune number was out dated so it did not work.


This is an online complaint registration form 
STEP 2 Fill in proper and exact details including your mobile number and home address
STEP 3 Mention your problem elaborately in the description area. This is what i wrote
"My monitor has developed white lines on left and right side of screen. Its is growing day by day My monitor is just 1 year old. It is under warranty."

The lg repair guy would visit your house in 3 working days. (at least thts the time they took for me.)

As i head read  my monitor had to be replaced. He visited after few days and my monitor was replaced. 

On Internet is just a pain in you know what  to find an actual solution to this issue. So if you have a problematic Lg Monitor trust me their service center works and works well and pretty fast. So if your monitor is under warranty just call the guy and he will do the needful and absolutely F R E E.


Happy Computing,
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  1. whoa, good job @dhavalyours!

  2. @all update Guys after the guy visited my place once i posted this blog post But suddenly there was no word from him for 1 week I wrote a firing email to lg again and that guy had replaced my monitor.

    So the solution to the problem is when you have white lines your monitor's display tube is gone and only solution is to replace it.


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