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Art of Missing a Best Friend :: Yatin Patil

  They say and I strongly believe 
"GOD gave us our relatives Thank GOD we can choose our friends"

                                                   Its very very rare that u may find someone to connect with, someone who would share your thoughts, some one matching your own frequency. They say in times of scarcity it is always soothing to have a friend than have money. But again TRUE friend is really hard to find because I believe it is not something which can be found it is something which happens your good luck or your past life good karma' may be. This post might hurt a lot of people because many regard me as their Best friend, Seriously no offense guys but these are the people whom i regard as mine. I have been fortunate to have 4 BEST friends in my life. 

Best Friend 1: Yatin ( The problem solver )

                                                                 First began with Yatin. I still remember 5th std. When I was in my P.T.( Physical training) class walter sir compared a fat dark black small humpty-dumpty kind of kid with a feather weight Mathew Kunjumon. He said and I quote

                         "What are u proud of huh!! This Mathew here can defeat u in all sports running, skipping( ya walter sir considered skipping as a sport   ) U fatso good for nothing only would beat this guy in wrestling n not even in chess. "
                         2 Big tear drops from 2 big eyes. And I found my BEST friend in 5th standard. after period got over  I said "chu.... ko koi akkal nai hai... Chod be walter ko.. "( Yeah thats right i stared swearing from my 5th standard. I believed it helps if you start early. ) You know the usual, 2 beggars who are beaten same shift tend to stick together, same was the case with me and Yatin. Yatin was FAT by sideffects and I was USELESS by birth. The only problem I had with all my friends was same with yatin. Total number of marks I would get in all subjects combined they would get in 1 subject. Hell man seriously being a looser has a shift fucking life. I helped him out in school and he shared all the pacman , mario prince of persia video games.

Yatin at this age.
                                                                      I know we would go to his new house sit in the garden and would dream.  Yatin loved space, I on other hand was clueless why the hell i existed ?  But slowly i caught up with him. He always would repeat the famous dialog "Houston we have a problem !!". Before our tenth standard final exams we both had decided. We would become astronaut's in NASA.    Yatin always had fancy shit to tell me "Dhaval tuje pata hain NASA mein scientist ko free chocolate ice-creams milte hain ?? Are Sugar se mental activity badhta hain na." And that would be our reason to eat chocolates at almost every damn occasion.

  • India match Jeeta                  "Chalo Chocolate khate hain". 
  • Sangeeta miss nahi aayi         "Chalo Chocolate khate hain". 
  • Rita Parera ne aaj nahi maara "Chalo Chocolate khate hain". 
  • Aaj sirf 2 baar su su kiya       "Chalo Chocolate khate hain". 
  • Marathi mein pass ho gaye    "Chalo Chocolate khate hain". 

Yatin me and Hiten.

                         Dreams do fail / change / are crushed. After Tenth. I took Diploma in Computer Engg. and Yatin took 12th. We would always complain about our 86 batch. All the bad things always used to happen to the 1986 batch only. Following are bad things that happened to 1986 born and 2002 batch which passed 10th in Mumbai.

  1. English Paper was postponed in Std. 10th for 18 days ruining our vacation.
  2. In Diploma we got hardest Visual Basic paper in history of  MSBTE (which surprisingly i passed.)
  3. In 12th Goverment first time introduced CET. to get entrance in engg. (which surprisingly Yatin Passed)
  4. In First Year Engineering got the hardest Mechanics paper in History of existing planet. Every newton and einstien failed in it.(which surprisingly Yatin Passed he admits this. )
  5. Recession  was at the top when we graduated So all allocated placements were either cancelled or been delayed for 1 year. (My reliance placement was cancelled and yatin's infosys placement was delayed.)
                                           Proud to be of 2002 batch me and Yatin still consider ourselves as HERO's of Indian Academics. Since we were in the hardest fucking batch of Education History We would have our hearts filled with content and achievement. And Yes  we never did forget Chindhi-giri in our lives See i have a live recording of it.  

       After our Engineering me and Yatin we parted. He was for 1 year in Banglore Infosys  and then he went US to pursue his Post-graduation. I on the other hand m working as an Web Developer in Experience Commerce.

Yatin thinks he will earn more dollars in US. Oye hum bhi kam nahi
                                                Both are happy in their respective fields (Computer Engineering) But somewhere i feel we would work together Yatin just complete your M.S. i m waiting for you here Lets Create History man. Oh.. yeah and by the way the post had to be about 4 friends. But Yatin took away most of the footage. No worry lets keep this as a suspense my new post would bring my remaining 3 best friends in my life. Till then 

Keep Smiling,
Keep Laughing,
Always Yours,

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