Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Special ways to identify Computer Engineering Disease

  • You suffer from Engineering Disease when :You mix chai with maggi and eat new dish                                                                                          "roti-chai maggi ke saath."

  • You suffer from Engineering Disease when :You forget Changing your underwear for months until your girlfriend ditches you or your Mom Kicks your Butt.

  • You suffer from Engineering Disease when :You hold your tea-cup in hands for 2 hours and then with the tea-cup in your hand you go to your mother and yell "Where the fuck is my Tea ?? "  only to get your butt kicked A G A I N.

  • You suffer from Engineering Disease when :When you are gone for AIDS check up and doctor asks you Are you positive Dhaval ? and hearing your name you suddenly shout. "Roll no. 48 Sir YES Sir."

  • You suffer from Engineering Disease when :You calculate sine angle of your piss from your tool to your toilet hole.

  • You suffer from Engineering Disease when                                                                You meet a girl at Hi-fi

        You hang out with her on Twitter

      You  Propose her on Facebook

      You marry her on  Shaadi

       You have your honey moon on MySpace

We hear rumors of your children at Buzz

          Finally you get two Children Orkut and Chirkut 

                           Any more insanity of Engineers i have failed to cover please help my noble cause.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Art of Missing a Best Friend :: Yatin Patil

  They say and I strongly believe 
"GOD gave us our relatives Thank GOD we can choose our friends"

                                                   Its very very rare that u may find someone to connect with, someone who would share your thoughts, some one matching your own frequency. They say in times of scarcity it is always soothing to have a friend than have money. But again TRUE friend is really hard to find because I believe it is not something which can be found it is something which happens your good luck or your past life good karma' may be. This post might hurt a lot of people because many regard me as their Best friend, Seriously no offense guys but these are the people whom i regard as mine. I have been fortunate to have 4 BEST friends in my life. 

Best Friend 1: Yatin ( The problem solver )

                                                                 First began with Yatin. I still remember 5th std. When I was in my P.T.( Physical training) class walter sir compared a fat dark black small humpty-dumpty kind of kid with a feather weight Mathew Kunjumon. He said and I quote

                         "What are u proud of huh!! This Mathew here can defeat u in all sports running, skipping( ya walter sir considered skipping as a sport   ) U fatso good for nothing only would beat this guy in wrestling n not even in chess. "
                         2 Big tear drops from 2 big eyes. And I found my BEST friend in 5th standard. after period got over  I said "chu.... ko koi akkal nai hai... Chod be walter ko.. "( Yeah thats right i stared swearing from my 5th standard. I believed it helps if you start early. ) You know the usual, 2 beggars who are beaten same shift tend to stick together, same was the case with me and Yatin. Yatin was FAT by sideffects and I was USELESS by birth. The only problem I had with all my friends was same with yatin. Total number of marks I would get in all subjects combined they would get in 1 subject. Hell man seriously being a looser has a shift fucking life. I helped him out in school and he shared all the pacman , mario prince of persia video games.

Yatin at this age.
                                                                      I know we would go to his new house sit in the garden and would dream.  Yatin loved space, I on other hand was clueless why the hell i existed ?  But slowly i caught up with him. He always would repeat the famous dialog "Houston we have a problem !!". Before our tenth standard final exams we both had decided. We would become astronaut's in NASA.    Yatin always had fancy shit to tell me "Dhaval tuje pata hain NASA mein scientist ko free chocolate ice-creams milte hain ?? Are Sugar se mental activity badhta hain na." And that would be our reason to eat chocolates at almost every damn occasion.

  • India match Jeeta                  "Chalo Chocolate khate hain". 
  • Sangeeta miss nahi aayi         "Chalo Chocolate khate hain". 
  • Rita Parera ne aaj nahi maara "Chalo Chocolate khate hain". 
  • Aaj sirf 2 baar su su kiya       "Chalo Chocolate khate hain". 
  • Marathi mein pass ho gaye    "Chalo Chocolate khate hain". 

Yatin me and Hiten.

                         Dreams do fail / change / are crushed. After Tenth. I took Diploma in Computer Engg. and Yatin took 12th. We would always complain about our 86 batch. All the bad things always used to happen to the 1986 batch only. Following are bad things that happened to 1986 born and 2002 batch which passed 10th in Mumbai.

  1. English Paper was postponed in Std. 10th for 18 days ruining our vacation.
  2. In Diploma we got hardest Visual Basic paper in history of  MSBTE (which surprisingly i passed.)
  3. In 12th Goverment first time introduced CET. to get entrance in engg. (which surprisingly Yatin Passed)
  4. In First Year Engineering got the hardest Mechanics paper in History of existing planet. Every newton and einstien failed in it.(which surprisingly Yatin Passed he admits this. )
  5. Recession  was at the top when we graduated So all allocated placements were either cancelled or been delayed for 1 year. (My reliance placement was cancelled and yatin's infosys placement was delayed.)
                                           Proud to be of 2002 batch me and Yatin still consider ourselves as HERO's of Indian Academics. Since we were in the hardest fucking batch of Education History We would have our hearts filled with content and achievement. And Yes  we never did forget Chindhi-giri in our lives See i have a live recording of it.  

       After our Engineering me and Yatin we parted. He was for 1 year in Banglore Infosys  and then he went US to pursue his Post-graduation. I on the other hand m working as an Web Developer in Experience Commerce.

Yatin thinks he will earn more dollars in US. Oye hum bhi kam nahi
                                                Both are happy in their respective fields (Computer Engineering) But somewhere i feel we would work together Yatin just complete your M.S. i m waiting for you here Lets Create History man. Oh.. yeah and by the way the post had to be about 4 friends. But Yatin took away most of the footage. No worry lets keep this as a suspense my new post would bring my remaining 3 best friends in my life. Till then 

Keep Smiling,
Keep Laughing,
Always Yours,

Sunday, August 22, 2010

When Nature awards you.

Motorola Milestone.

                                                 I really like the saying

Dene wale ke toh hazar hath hain tu do haathon se Kitna le Payega ,
Waise Lene waale ke bhi hazar hath hain tu do hathon se kitna de payega ??

 Pictures are louder than words i have decided this time i would let the pics do their job. 

Autographed by Rahul Dravid.

Autographed by Robin Uthappa.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Should Prostitution be legalized in India ?

                                                 I know a very bold topic to be discussed, But hey as you know i don't do anything that is normal. Ok this is first Debate in my blog and i really like to bring  professionals before you. Our guest for today would be  Mr. Abhay Agarwal.  Abhay is copywriter for Experience Commerce and he gets the credit for writing copy at Royal Challengers, Super Popular Friend  and was pretty difficult competitor to have debate with. So finally we called a neutral judge Shazia Shaikh to give the final verdict for our debate. So here is how it goes.

Dhavalyours: Prostitution has been the second most ancient occupation in india since agriculture. Since the ancient times it has been going on and we do find cultural references of it. Its been high time that we accept it and make it legalized
AbhayJust because it's been an "ancient proffesion" in India, and there have been cultural refrences to it, it isn't nesicerily mean that it should be legalised. using that rationale, even Sati should be legalised. I agree that there were many good traditions in ancient india, but prostitution, wasn't one of them.

Dhavalyours: Sati is been almost eliminated in India. The percentage of women being raped is much more than a women performing sati ritual. We had taken an initiative to stop sati 200 years ago and we have been successful to eliminate most of it. So its high time we take initiative for this cause.  

AbhayBut was sati abolished, by legalising it? or was it abolished, because the british government clamped down hard on a ritual that it considered barbaric? The british government, was able to abolish the practice, since they didn't profit from it in any way. 

Dhavalyours: Agreed Abhay the issue of feminine respect has been of high concern. Statistically it is proved that the rape percentage in India is increasing as ever. Women are not safe. Delhi is the raping-capital of india, Sense of security has been of major Issue. I would'nt wish to come home and find that my wife, mother,sister n the worse case even my daughter is been raped by some sex-seeking maniac, ruining life of my entire family. If Prostitution is Legalized and is open to public, Men can get a proper official place to relieve themselves which would eventually reduce the rape percentage in our country what say ? 

AbhayBut prostitution is not an answer to prevent rape. Men get sexually frustrated, because of our famous ancient tradition, that make pre-marital sex a taboo. Anyways your as good as raping a prostitute, the only difference is: she agrees to have sex because you throw money at her.
Dhavalyours: Abhay i agree with you on this, but the question of women respect is what i wanna resolve. People denote these women as 'prostitutes' and you know what in hindi. If prostitution is legalized :
  1. They would be referred as Sex-Workers.
  2.  There would be an age limit to women or men entering the profession of prostitution. This would save the small girls who are thrown into this business in their teens.
  3.  Proper contraceptions such as condoms would be used. This would avoid the sexual diseases such as AIDS.
  4.  Middle Level people such as Dalal's would be eliminated providing profit directly to the person as  well as the government. 
  5. High taxes would be taken from each session.
  6. Most importantly consent of the sex-worker would be taken in mind.
  7. Since Sex worker would be benifiting goverment greatly Her future would be taken care of.
  8. They would be given opportunity to part away from profession whenever she wants. 
  9. Monthly check ups would be oraganized to make sure their health and also if a person is healthy enough to mate.
  10. They can do service to community by providing sex-education to youngsters OR whom we call ( the  jumping hormones. )
    Now if in this way prostitution is legalized the sexworkers would find it really  good. Its a bad bad world where sex-workers are harrassed by both the customers as well as sex-agents as well as by Police and society. They are like officially rejected every where and this is one ray of light which should help them.
AbhayInstead of flatly legalising the problem, why not rehabilitate them? Give them an education & alternate means of living.It doesn't matter what you call them. At the end of the day, they still have to sell their bodies to earn a living.If you want to prevent small children from entering the business, then why can't the government do any thing now? Because they are hand-in-glove with the pimps.No woman  would turn to prostitution on her own. It always comes down to an ultimatum. This is just an easy way for the government to ignore poverty: "why should we take care of impoverished women; if they want money, they can just become prostitutes."  
  • Even if you legalise it now, you'll still have illegal redlight areas like you have now. If prostitutes don't have any choice now, then what choice will they have once, their pimps get more power?  
  • You can talk about: their health, their rights, their "welfare" etc. But
    the question still remains: why should any woman have to sell her body
    to earn a living? Don't we have better options today? 
  • What would you do if some girl in the future said: "I want to be a sex-worker when i grow up!" As far as Sex Education is concerned, why can't the teacher impart the
    same knowledge? Are we, as a society, so sex-starved that we cannot
    teach our own kids about sex?
Dhavalyours: See abhay as far as it goes we have a really close approach on this issue. Parents slap their kid when he/she asks the question "Mom what is sex ??" Or else intelligently he is been answered that it refers to gender. Result little boy goes to internet and searches porn. No no it is not to promote prostitution as a profession. It is to increase the self respect of sex workers. Their image in society. Now we cannot change the whole system in one day. What do we do is we try to control it by imposing strict rules and slowly go towards the path of eliminating it. 

AbhayParents slap their children, because they don't know how to answer a question like that.Hiring a prostitute to answer these questions is not going to solve anything. There are many books in the market today that show parents how to teach their kids about "the birds & the bees". If their parents want, the can also search the net for help on explaining the facts of life to children. But by legalising it, you are telling people that it' OK to sell their bodies, and there by promoting it. as far as collecting tax goes:
  1.  Who in thier right mind would pay a prostitute, by cheque/card? 
  2.  Who would want their bank records to show, that they have visited a prostitute?
  3. If prostitue got payed only in cash, then how much of that would she declare to this great government of ours that has reduced her to a sex-worker?
  4. Judging by the number of prostitutes in India, how much money would the IT department have to spend in order to conduct raids on all these "workers"?
  5.  If you legalise it, then it would become an industry(which it already is), and would be even more difficult to eliminate.  
Dhavalyours: See again Abhay We have to accept 1 thing. I told you this is an ancient profession they have tried to remove it since centuries man, but just could'nt. Its high time we accept the truth that we cannot remove it from our society. but yes by bounding it to rules we can definitely have to control.

Abhay  Being ancient is irrelevant. It was devised during a time of extreme male dominance. When we, as a society, were ten times more patriarchal than we are today. It was a profession created by men and for men...but using women.
Do you think that a women would want to be a prostitute, if she was qualified to be a doctor or a lawyer? Forget that; what if she had passed her 12th, and was eligible for being a cop? Dhaval, would you become a gigolo, if you had a B.E.? or any other qualification?

Dhavalyours: Again please dont take the privilege of getting personal with that statement. My Idea of Making Prostitution legal does not have pieces to make india rich by that money. Agreed it is a horrible profession and should be stopped. Definitely after taking a BE degree from respectable college and being sexually straight why the hell in the world i would turn into Giglo ?? Dignity of labor is the problem with the profession i completely agree. But millions of those who are already in this profession you can't just say them "Boss dukan band chalo kal se tata bye bye." right ?Yes we need to eradicate it out of our society and Legalizing is just the first baby step to do it.

Abhay: We are saying "dukaan band karo aur, hamaare saat doosra dukaan khol do." We can and we should give them an alternative means of livleyhood. Do you think they would go back to prostitution once they start working in an office?

Dhavalyours: Yes they may go back to where it started from, that concept also stands true. But if we plan to take immediate plan of action, Legalizing it is the option. We will definitely find a solution in future to stop it. Abhay my idea to legalize it is just for 1 generation.
  •  But again from a lifestyle perspective it would be really cool enough to have a sex-education parlor. 
  •  You know where people from any age and any community can come and talk their sexual problems or would get their doubts solved.
  •  There is a difference between a person telling a path and a person walking a path. Even your mother would tell you sex with unknown partner is wrong you may get STD (Sexually transmitted Diseases).
  •  But if a you see a guy in person who has been living and struggling with a disease Impact is really deep into your hearts. The men / women so called sex workers would really get a chance to make people know about their stories to the world.
  •  People would look at them as hero's, who would be contributing a substantial part in making India a better, mature country. 
AbhayThere are already enough of sex clinics in Mumbai, that are run by qualified psychologists and sexologists. We also have many NGO's that teach people about aids; We don't need to use human guinea pigs, to teach children about STDs. Are you saying that you want people to get Aids so that they can teach others about it?
Why do we need to create even more prostitutes to teach kids about the evils of prostitution?
Do you think that a prostitute, would want her children to also grow up to be prostitutes?

Shazia: Ok Guys, you have to stop somewhere now. Its been a pleasure to watch you guys having a deep conversation over topic and discussing it from financial, social, educational and cultural perspective but here is what i would like to say I support to ban prostitution as every woman has the right to her dignity. They should be given alternative respectable jobs that do not only hamper their public image but also relieves them of the psychological trauma of being in a disgraced profession. Also it is always said that men need to relieve themselves, well if they are so desperate in life they need to get married n sleep with their wives. Men should not be allowed to let go just because they are men. As stated by Abhay "Prostitution was started by men for men by using women" i would say "let women abandon prostitution for other women using men". Its great to have support from Men like Abhay.

                              And in that manner  Shazia supported Abhay's point of view that finally it should not be legalized. But hey we both shared the same view port that it should definitely be demolished from the society. Thank you Shazia and  Abhay  for joining the discussion it turned out to be a great blog post.

                                  Do you think you have better opinion on this topic ? Do you think you have a solution ? Post a comment and communicate, Even at a smaller level your comments do  make a difference.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thanks Giving Speech : Last Day of Diploma Graduation

                                       I know, i don't look the like the TYPE, but yes Being a GS (General Secretary) at my Diploma college I had the privilege or the Burden to give a thanks giving speech. I donno if it went well or not thats up to you to decide but this is how it goes.

                                        "Accomplishment and success, Often is a result of perseverance and hard work rather than skill and talent." Today standing before you as the big day dawns, I see all of my friends happy & delighted to step in a new world of success, to step in a world where everything is a question or by Mrs. Ambuja's language "an unbalanced mathematical equation", to go somewhere where hurdles are countless but the optimistic attitudes are like pearls in the ocean. Life is really very difficult to walk by just getting simple landmarks, if you trust they will help. Life would be replica of just Mrs. Mahajan theory "Its either 0 or 1, either you succeed in your life or you go for a toss". Either you win or you are like 70% of public loosing hopes , hard to accept vivid truth of life 'Failure'.
                                       Today is something i cannot forget, Today is something we cannot forget because even if i weren't your best of the students Patil sir,You sure did teach me respect to language. We would always miss these days because whenever we would bunk our lectures we wont get another Katkar Sir to give us kiddish yet horrible punishments like "holding our ears".  I would really be thankful to you Mukund Sir to show the connection between success and me. Interfacing hard-work with my skill so that i could reach the IP Address of my destiny. The cable may be co-axial one like me(Bekar Engineer) or a fibre optic piece of Amogh Walawalkar(Mr Brilliant of our class). The source transmission speed of you mukund Sir always remained the same.
                                    Today i wont forget because whenever the logic of my life was wrong, Whenever my given Input(playing counter-strike) would never produce desired output(scoring distinction), Whenever my
if{i would fail}  conditions would turn out to be a multiplied for{I do always fail}  I would always get an evergreen compiler and problem solver standing gently beside me. Who can be a perfect example of perfectionist and humility other than Mrs. Asmita Tekade ?
                                    A very significant person around us challenges Newtons law for almost three years and yet not being in the lime-light of our college. Always a friction to Mass-Bunking. Today is a day i wont forget it is you Mrs, Swati
who gave smile to everyone in each and every situation. Every action (sleeping in the class) has equal and opposite reaction (extermination from lecture). But still Ma'm you have given us more knowledge than we ever deserved. Ma'm Please tell us today

 aapke सहनशक्ति का राज़ क्या हैं ?

                                 Dhaval तू kitna Bor karta हैं, प्रदीप class Mein maat soja, Viral, soham तुम दोनों toh बहार hi niklo.. No marks for guessing undoubtedly Mrs. Varsha Ma'm you not only thought us the theory of head and body but also the concept of  How To Manage Life HTML.
                                  How can i forget today because whenever the back E.M.F. (Electro magnetic Force){Super bore topic} would cut my enthusiasm,  I would get a strong force providing resistance to my laziness and inductance to my stupidity. Mini miss.. आप तो hamesha Bolte रहो ....... I would definitely remember this day because the wakda, tehda lines of my life were converted into a artistic creation, a marvelous piece of structure by the marvellous and excellent one and only Mr. Deshmukh Sir.

                                    Lastly बाला  jar tuza Logic CLEAR tar sagle kahi CLEAR. Whenever i was wrong  bombarding me with 'Chukla' 'Chukla' 'Chukla' . How can i forget multiple talented Mrs. Bhatiya Ma'am teaching simultaneously multiple subjects and still finishing syllabus in time.

                                    I would at the end like to express gratitude to all my friends for being a positive inspiration in either  Mass-Bunking  or  Maska Maring  I would like to say something about my class CO3A.  Our class would stand out of lectures for punishments and that is why our class is the most out-standing batch in history of Muchhala Polytechnic. I would like to thank the college authorities for giving us the courtesy to use internet 1/2 hour the whole year. I would like to thank Katkar sir  to be very linient 
                                  I as GS of my college and CR (Class Representative ) of CO3A would like to thank all on behalf of all CO3A to all teaching,non-teaching staff,to principal, to H O D, to all others whom i mentioned or whom i forgot to mention. Thank you all for your sound co-operation and making us something valuable that you would be proud of.If mistakenly or with reason we have insulted anyone or performed any action against the rules of humility i am sorry. Teachers Please Bless us for our bright futures. Thank You.

                               Journey back the memory lane huh.. , just clearing my old stuff books i found my diploma thanks giving speech thought would be fun enough to share with you all. Here i attach the first page of original copy, along with my STUDENT OF THE YEAR MEDAL to give you feel of it.  Lost Days never come back do they Miss you all of you guyz every single second of my life.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Dev-Dash with Dhavalyours :: Interview with a Creative

                        When people see a  interesting website, interesting post, they make it a point to write a positive reply on companies website. Company even wins lots of awards for its exclusive work on web. Although every project is a team effort, There are some people who deserve credit for amazing work. I would talk about creative today.

                       Lemme Introduce you to my personal favorite Ashwini Vyaas and Prashant Mudhalkar. As the religion goes,  building rep about your guest makes your audience enthusiastic about the interview. Being  part of various sucessfull online campaigns such as  Cadbury Meetha Bomb, Cadbury Meetha Message, SuperScrap , Royal Challengers and also Legrand Arteor he considers his commendable works on web. Prashant has worked on BigTv, Big Wall, Aparna Enterprise Royal Challengers  with a really good experience of 6 years in consumer web.

 So  lets know about insights of creative and let us see how do people like ashwini really transform dreams into web pages.

Dhavalyours:  Dude lets cut the hi/hello talk crap and jump directly to the point. Who according to you is a creative ???

Ashwini:  Person who is not restricted within water tight compartments  of thoughts and can think of making the impossible possible. Every single pixel can define marvels of web designing

Prashant : The designer who can understand users requirement and communicate with user visually.

Dhavalyours:  What does creative have to take in mind while making web pages ??

Ashwini: 1) User friendly 2) Interactive 3) Engaging 4) Content must be conveyed direct and simple. 5)Sustaining interest of the user.

Prashant : He should understand the medium very well. Technical limitations + possibilities of any medium. How he is going to deploy and how user is reaching to page. Think from users point of view  what kindda hardware, kindda bandwidth he is equipped with, his Age Group,his Educational Level,his  Community,his  Nationality These all things should be taken seriously.Lets take an example of Shaadi.com Here our target audience is Indians Who are getting married. So the age group is young 20-30 and context is marriage So here the color palette for designer should be vibrant color + Indian traditional colors. Color palette is very important,Color evokes emotion.

Dhavalyours:  and seriously no Joke How much do u take care while making a web page ? There must be tricky situations where you have to ignore certain facts and concentrate on imp. ones So which are those imp. details that you never miss in your web pages.

Ashwini: Actually i miss each and every guide line but i keep in mind to keep the content in 1024 by 768 pixels. 
Prashant :  Basics things don't take time, So  i will take care of basic hygine like Every page should be usable, Visually less beautiful is fine but the purpose of page should be satisfied, Position of element is more important than Beautification, Layout and grid should be in place first. Graphical content may come later, Position your elements text,image,video in Layout. and then work in Graphical entities, Google has a classic approach of minimalistic design keeping page clean and action-centric and it works :)

Dhavalyours:  How can creative be maximum productive ?  In the sense what do u need a proper brief ? a proper machine ? proper work environment  etc??

Ashwini: A written brief so that people cannot manipulate it after creative is been delivered. Good Machine like Mac, Tablet dual monitor in video editing and also inventories like images,contents reference images. This much is for me creative-heaven.

Prashant :  Compared to other medium web requires less hardware and best thing about web is you can produce on desktop. Hardware really doesn't matter. Window / Mac doesn't matter. Ideally i would require a good space where you can put your machine, sketch pad, big white board, Ipod , Good internet speed and lots of books on design reference. A small digital camera to collect digital references. Print is still far ahead from web Still Best designs are  on print than web. 

Dhavalyours:  Which has been the most challenging task and  how did you solve it ??

Prashant : Castrol Badge in Castrol Cricket is my innovation. There was a need of a visual symbol which presents performance of team and player and which was eventually becomes visual unit of Castrol Cricket  and requirement was it to be scalable, skin able which can have inter-site,intra-site application. It has become a brand-value for Castrol Cricket.

Dhavalyours:  Can you share with us your most favorite web design and explain why it is truly amazing ?

Ashwini: My One unpublished project but my personal favorite design wise 

Prashant : I personally feel i have not created my best site as yet. But bigtv  was my one creatively exclusive work

Dhavalyours:  What is worse ? getting your creative rejected or getting ample of changes in existing creative making it completely unusable?

Ashwini: Ample of changes in existing creative making the creative alien to me.At end of the making it is not my baby. 

Prashant :  Most of the designers make this mistake. They do not differentiate between art and design. Art is something that you create Its your expression you don't care about user Design is not like art. Design is something you are creating for someone else. So CHANGES will be there. Change is must in design. Now i m pissed off when i m briefed with 1 kind of  requirement and you have created 1 visual and if in the next meeting the brief is changed. Main purpose of design should be very clear. Signup page brief is User should be able to sign up. Somebody should not come and tell me user should not signup here he should click on the right hand side ads. The most complicated things have 1 line brief.Research should be long Brief should be short that is why we call it BRIEF right :) Try to learn the art of getting Approval Better Communication, Start with paper pencil 90 % problems get solved.

Dhavalyours:  With web evolving every single day how do you make sure you are in touch with latest web design techniques ??

Ashwini: Generally i have 2-3 reference websites which updates me about latest technology used on web like 1) http://thefwa.com/ 2) http://www.smashingmagazine.com/ 

Prashant : There are so many sites but A List Apart , Site Point , FFFound it is a image bookmarking website very useful.

Dhavalyours:  :: What is 1 design element that always work that you may call it as sure success ??

Ashwini: Classy Glossy Effect always works if  not placed under a grunge background. Like Apple

Prashant :  There is no design element which would work everywhere. Whatever is functional and loads fast works.

Dhavalyours:  Your design tips for new guys getting in this field ?

Prashant : Best way of learning web design is to see different web design. Every day try to understand 1 good website. Don't hesitate to go back in your design process. GO BACK correct your mistake and continue further.

Dhavalyours:   and people can contact you on...

Ashwini: ashwini.mvyas@gmail.com and on Facebook and on Orkut

Prashant : pmudhalkar@gmail.com and on Facebook  How  web designer is different from print designer or video cinematographer. The web is nothing but combination of all the media text,image video,audio and how to design interactivity in all kinds of medium. Web is interactivity You go and you touch / Click/ Drag  Art of Animation  should be learned. How it is done should always be  hidden. Design a new kind of experience . Designers job is to hide developers effort and highlight User Rerquirement.

Dhavalyours:  The thought process of 2 different creative guys working in same field,same company and also sometimes on same projects differed a lot. But one thing that both agreed on was Brief is the mother of all creative inventions. If Brief Changes creative becomes unusable. Art of Approval and mastering it helps us to grow in creative field. Personally i feel with existing tools and technical expertise flowing around Anything you can conceive and perceive you can achieve.

Ok next time we will definitely  come up with a new  guy on our favorite blog  Happy Dev-Dashing.

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