Thursday, July 8, 2010

Web Technology :Art of Communication

After getting my ABC's clear, a special someone( tweeted 'm confused by your site/software, a "feedback" button just pisses me off. The "feedback" button helps YOU, not ME. Where's MY button?' Hey she is right. Feed Back Button Helps the makers of the application. What about the really angry guy who is just not getting what he wants to do. Don't even think about talking HELP ME links . Even some of the Best Websites Fail in giving perfect Help Me solutions to users. WHY ?

1) Seldom People use Help Me
2) Few get the links to solution For their Problem
3) Very Few actually manage to solve their Problems
4) What does your website provide for a really.......... really,really pissed off user ?

        How about Giving user a WTF button where he can abuse his heart out. He can clearly tell the Makers "IF YOU HAVE GIVEN YOUR BEST... YOUR BEST IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH... YOUR BEST SUCKS".
Still thinking how this helps ? Hey your User is not some Dumb Guy wasting his Internet Money only to see your screwed up work. Remember he is the ULTIMATE CLIENT. So we do not create what we Like but we Create how HE would LIKE IT. You are not abusing a web user OR not decreasing your website credibility by adding WTF. You are giving user respect. Treating him as your equal which he would always Love.
And Yes Bolder The Copy Higher The Attention.

How about making your website user's Best Buddy. Communicate the way user likes to be interacted. Give a rocking young feeling to your website. So Let's Take this to another Level. Why Only restrict users just to abuse Also give him tongue to make u happy. How about ... Fucking Awesome Button

Imagine a Social Network where User's Profile's are graded slang way. There was this One Adobe Seminar I attended. The Guy began with a really great Slogan "Customer Is King. You Guys[Developers] are King Makers. The real awesome product is the one which Makes your Customer Feel King". Dozen's of words used around the web today on Orkut scraps Twitter tweets Facebook Updates Like Lol'z, ROFL,OMG,brb
I totally agree i would not have all people liking my IDEA. But Hey at least buzz is created. Your site is in news You got publicity,You got appreciation, What else matters. The point is You may Like this Post. You may Dislike it. But hey you cannot Ignore it.

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