Saturday, July 3, 2010

The A,B,C's of Digital Blogging

Every person has a writer soul in him, the difference is whether he is worse than others or not. Well i stepped in the baby world of blogging i had just 2 things in mind.
  •  Write Great content and get thousands of fans making me famous.
  •  Try to make some buck out of my writing talent.
I FAILED.  and the obvious reason was  i wrote  great article, and expected my popularity grow and be followed by thousands of fans etc. but it didn't happen. I realized its not about publishing great content its also about letting the world finding it. So below are few points for new bloggers to let world know what they do write.

1) Let the search engines, blogging-search engines know you. Open an account at Technorati. Verify your blog token by publishing a post and include your token in it. This is my token as i publish the post MJ3KTW54MR. Technorati comes to your blog once in a day so it will scrape the new content.

2) Hey you also might wanna ping the world about your new post. You can try Ping-O-Matic. Go to PIng-O-Matic, Enter your blog details select all and click PING.

3) Web is also similar webblog post pinging site.

4)  You can open account in  Indi-Blogger and get listed.

Final few words as my marketing team told me Blog regularly, market regularly and find some way to get your money rolling

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