Monday, March 22, 2010

The Day When Mumbai Stood Still

I am Dhaval, a web developer. Don't freak out i wouldn't be talking technical. Some people out of utter intelligence gained {probably from the ancestors of web 0.0} believe that tech guys don't have more interesting Garbage {then their object variable GC garbage collectors } to talk about. Well here's how the story goes. It was Friday evening when i went insane to accept a ticket. Well exaggerating it to the core i was offered "Sabse BADA ticket IPL match between Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore".

I was disappointed. I mean who the hell on the world would miss a perfectly cool Saturday on neatly done sofa sleeping off with Wafers and Pepsi to watch a match where croud nearly outrun the 8:30 am local from Mira Road Station. I mean density of people would be approximately 1000/sq.foot or minimum 996/sq.foot.
Match was at 8:00 pm Judging by my nature and record that i had set probably some 19 years ago I WAS LATE. I mean 8:30 i reached Eros cinema 2 mins of walking distance, i was at the line swapping my SABSE BADA TICKET. where i heard voices of audience "whooooo". Well it sounded like people were having some group praying sessions going on. I entered the stadium
like millions of lights on the ground. Despite of being anti-cricket i couldn't help my self get excited by the passion of cricket that people had in them. After like eye-googling millions of people finally i was lucky to find my friends. I had to cross Mount Everest{MI supporter some 6 inch tall with two flags in both hands and cheeks glowing with Indian Flag. Good News :: Patriotism Still Lives }

I finally found my seat{or what was left of it.} I said "WT F People actually do pay Rs. 1000 to sit on a chair that is on the eve of collapsing." The beagle rang. and people started shouting. "Sachin Sachin " ."We Want SIX". I could see Sachin Tendulkar Man himself very tiny on the pitch. His every single run scored was like Glucon-D or Boost to Mumbai Indian Supporters.
Suddenly Sachin hit "4" . Stadium went wild. People had their heads glowing with some florescent blue light. We had plastic sticks thrown in air. Cheer Leaders dancing. "One two three four..." Well i found some motivation to stay some more time on stadium. Every Single ball was a heart beat. Despite of having Master Blaster in team. MI wrapped up with a total of 151. Well lucky number i say.

Now came our chance to dance.RCB came to bat. Manish Pandey{Girls find him cute.}
came to bat. Now it was revenge time. Even we danced raised flag's danced with (poster) Katrina. whenever manish would hit a boundary or punish the ball to six. We were back with vengeance. "Jumbo Jumbo". "R" "C" "B". Well Kallis was the Man hitting 66 runs gotta chance to see a real six up in the air outside the stadium. That was really really cool. Well we could see Sanath Jayasurya fielding at our end. People :"Sanath Sanath ". he would show a hand and people would go crazy crazy. Well i can say Bhaji is truly famous with audience So goes with dravid, malinga, Anil Kumble. But well hey RCB won the match Kallis Man of Match.
We had a very pissed off and disappointed croud. 3/4 th of stadium supported Mumbai Indians and it was a heart break for them to see their team loose. Well for me it was cool. "The only problem was after 10:00 pm cheer girls had stopped dancing". I donno who the heck in the world wanna sleep at 10:00.
Well i enjoyed cricket that day and i can definitely say it is not just the game of 22 gentle man playing on field but also game of millions of people playing off it.