Saturday, December 18, 2010

Yes i wanna Dream

 Happy are the eyes, who see you smiling once,
I wanna hold the skies, just give me one more chance,
I wanna chase the stars but I just don't know how?

Yes I wanna dream
I  wanna dream again right  now.

On the lonely roads, where I had sat and cried,
Worthless seemed  the world, no matter how much I had tried,
Someone held my hand and kissed the pain good bye.
I love so much my love, I swear I am not gonna lie.
Magic were your eyes magic were your words,
Then you saw me again, life went magical somehow,

Yes I wanna dream,
I wanna dream again right now.

Yes I wanna fly, up higher in the sky,
Yes I wanna see, and change my destiny,
Yes I do believe,  would make my dreams come TRUE,
Reaching to my goals I just  wanna laugh with you
I open all my heart, GOD  I wanna thank you somehow,

Yes I wanna dream,
I wanna dream again right now.

World is in my hands,I fear nothing now,
Dreams have all come TRUE, and happy I am now,
This is not the end I wanna dream little bigger now

Yes I wanna dream,
I wanna dream again right now.


[* Above poetry is official work of author . The video and lyrics can be shared as they are without any changes.They cannot be used for any commercial purposes without author’s permission. *]

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows : Movie Review


Movie PLOT

                                We have been growing, enjoying, learning magic together with wizard boy Harry Potter and  director David Yates shows us the beginning of the end where the boy-who-lived completes his journey in First part of Deathly Hollows. J.K. Rowling has a magnificent plot. Albus Dumbledore , Serious Black are Dead. Lord Voldemort  is Alive and stronger as ever. Harry has reached the age where from now his mothers protection will wear off soon. Entire army of Death Eaters chasing Harry Hermione and Ron.  Harry now has to find out and destroy four horcruxes out of seven and here’s where the movie begins.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1


                                 Daniel Radcliffe is most convincing  in lead role  as harry potter.  Daniel has successfully played An orphan, always bullied,famous,curse-burdened wizard  over the seven years in seven films.


Being a die-hard book fan Rowling has done just superb job in creating  Harry’s character, So perfect that i actually was taken to Hogwarts seven times in seven books. We read perceive and believe the characters in our minds. To recreate those same characters from book is not so simple but a wonderful job done. Daniel has relived our memories of book on screen.


      Ron has more to do in this series than crack jokes,eat junk food and look stupid.  First time in movie Harry and Ron are given equal preference and Ron does rescue Harry destroying one of the horcruxes. Rupert Grint has been really mature and gives us surprises. Emma on the other hand takes  glamorous quotient of entire movie in her hands. She looks beautiful,sharp-witted,intelligent and knowing charms-on-demand definitely she acts as a life saver.



                               Eduardo Serra has brought the magical world to reality. Yes a commendable job done on creating such grand and exotic locations which definitely get “Oh My God.” , “Awesome” cries from the audience once they are shown in theatre. I was blown away by the details to the finer level. Lighting of movie helped the movie flow. Like when death eater summoned Lord Voldemort Darkness grew along with tension in our eyes and hearts. Many Dark forests are been shown, The magnificent wizard school Hogwarts has always been a visual delight right from the philosophers stone.


New Dark locations in school of wizardry and witchcraft are been shown, example the group session of death eaters and Lord Voldemort in the movie intro scene with Nagini the Dark lord’s serpant is scary and you definitely skip a beat while seeing it. Along a Long commendable job done in bringing the book locations on live cinema.

Animation and Graphics

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

                Well the movie gets less points on this one. All the harry potter movies had memorable graphics and visual effects. Catching of the Golden Snitch in Philosoper’s stone or slaying of the snake in chamber of secrets and so on. The Magic part in the magical movie is as low as it can be.


Movie does have few animated scenes but most of them are easily forgettable one’s. Astonishing visual special effects is one reason why harry potter movies get a repeat audience. The movie remains more of a stage-drama than a movie. Most of the movie goes in hiding  and running The action part is not-just-there.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

 Final Verdict

                        Movie is really brilliant in pieces but as a whole package put together it just did not work for me. Nice acting, beautiful locations but even after concentrating on minor detail when i looked to the movie as a whole i felt the soul of movie was missing. There was something which was not there, at least not there enough for me to notice. I get it MAGIC.Simple question what is  a Magical movie without enough magic. Enough time is wasted clearing the concept of symbols and story of 3 brothers who asked 3 different thing from death.  Also roomer is that the best is saved for the last. But for harry potter and deathly hollows part 1 it is no use and not advisable to watch the movie in 3D.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

 The all time favorite Voldemort and harry potter Duelling would be my one of the favorite scenes would hope that director would film it really larger than life.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

The end of the Magical Saga should be Legendary and if they have saved the Best for the last, then David Yates is definitely expected to show the most amazing special effects in cinematic history of Hollywood.


  My verdict, Any loyal HP fan, it’s your religion to go and watch this movie. Movie is slow paced so even if you want to you cannot stand the same movie twice. So in this way the First part of the Last part goes leaving us little unsatisfied. But we are Harry potters loyal fans and we definitely expect a great ending of movie. Here’s the trailer of movie for all those who would want to see it.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Golmaal : Movie Review / Dialogues


                                             Hilariously funny and rib tickling comedy Golmaal 3 surely lives up to its expectations. Moment from starting till ending Director Rohit Shetty  keeps you entertained. It had some of the really original funny dialogues and here are my personal favorites from movie.

Funny Dialogues ::

rolling on the floor laughing smiley  Picture ka naam naya daur rakhne se picture nayi nahi ho jaati.


What smiley      Kahan raja bhoj aur kahan gangu teli ??  Woh dono kahan hain yeh muje nahi malum.


 can't believe smiley  Bhagwan akrot bhi usiko deta hai  jiske muh me daant nahi hote.



vaccum emoticon Jinke ghar shishe ke hote hain woh basement me kapde badalte hain.


high voltage smiley Tumhare baap ka diya hua bag bharte bharte mera bharta nikal gaya.


expressing love with club smiley Guddi… guddi… tum toh buddhi ho gayi ho…



dog with bone in mouth emoticon Kutte ka naam masakali rakhne se kutta kabutar nahi ban jaata


princess emoticon Be on safe side. SAIF ke saath toh KAREENA hain


annoy smiley KUTTE KAMINE Hame kutta kehna toh kutton ki insult hain, aur kamina kehna SHAHID KAPOOR ki...


hammer punch emoticon Billi ko jab bhook lagti hain woh pahad khodti hain kyun?? Kyunki khoda pahad nikla chuha.


angry no smiley Chamakti cheez dekh ke hum dham dham dhamak pade. Har chamakti cheez sona  nahi hota har saboon rexona nahi hota...


crazy eyes smiley Meri bayi... aankh fadak rahi hain.. Kyunki thodi hi der mein maa ki aankh honewaali hain.


big laugh emoticon Jaise khud susu karne ke liye khud hi chaddi utarni padti hai


two in love smiley Aapki beti se phatte mohobbat ki hain... phatte


crazy drive smiley  Bhenchik chuziye..



  (Ale My favorite Song From Movie)

Hey guys these were few which i remembered  and liked if you have more to contribute please comment  i would be more than happy to update the dialogue-directory

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Guzarish : Movie Review


                                              It’s not everyday you get a movie that touches your heart. Guzarish is a movie that has so much to offer that you cannot take all of it in one time watch. Different way to view Life, Positive way to live it,enjoy it, play it after all Sau gram zindagi. A very light hearted film talking on topic of mercy-killing. Emotionally HIGH Musically LEGENDARY and cinematically GENIOUS. I have lived my 3 hours of live fully on a journey with Ethan Mascarenhas.



                                  With a dream cast like Hrithik Roshan,Aishwarya Rai Bachhan and having a dream director magician, Mr. Bhansali No less than perfect can be expected. In any point of time i never felt hrithik was acting, He was living Ethan Mascarenhas. What would a football player do without legs ? Cricketer without hands ? A magician without both hands and legs. Portraying a complex character of Ethan must be very difficult yet Hrithik looks so effortless.  Aishwarya on the other hand looks stunningly beautiful. She has very less dialogues but she delivers a great performance with emotions and her dance moves. Yes surely money is worth seeing her dance.



                                 ”I love GOD and that is why i am dying to meet him”, “Fail again and Try Again and then Fail Again and Try Again” Well these two were my personal favorites and i can’t reveal them all. The court-room scene dialogues are just fantastic. Well you gotta see the movie to live them all. YES i said LIVE them not HEAR them. Dialogue-delivery of each of star cast is right to your heart.



                                        Not from the traditional era, Its from the wonderland the SLB has brought the music of guzarish. Simple Yet deep Sau Gram Zindagi. Happy and total fun UDI.. and definitely the title song being the soul of movie Bas itni si tumse Guzarish hain. The video below shows the geniuses of director and the musical director of the film



                     Sanjay Leela Bhansali is known for his sad ending in movies which would definitely make you leave theatre’s in moist eyes. The trend started from Hum Dil… followed by DevDas.. and was also somewhat in Saawariya… But Guzarish is different. Yes SLB leaves you in moist eyes but no you are happy when you leave hall. When you leave you carry something very special that bhansali gives you in abundance and abundace. LOTS OF HOPE  Loved the movie. Such stories need to be heared and such cinema brings proud to industry as well as nation. Proud of you Sanjay Sir Love you always

Ek Gb si love story

“Excuse me, Do you have 1 GB pen drive ? “
                            A very humble voice was audible to GO (Gopi), GO was lost and was glaring the beauty of error log.
ROM(A) :: Hello!!
            The girl demanding attention of at least 1 look. GO looked at her with a big question in his eyes. She walked away
ROM(A) :: "Developers are seriously insane and this gazing idiot is living proof of it." Roma talked to herself.
Rishi, GO’S friend and tester in the company looked at him
software_testing_t_shirt-p235099211655467342q6v8_400 RISHI
Rishi:  "Dude what the hell ? I would give her my both kidneys if she asked such sweetly.
your_kidneysRISHI’s Kidneys 
GO:  "so much for a return gift.” Go replied and got lost in error log.
Rishi removed  GO’s  wrist pen drive from his drawer.
Wrist-Band-USB-Flash-DrivesGO’s wrist pen drive
GO: "I don’t want there was some girl. She wants it."
Rishi : “I know that and you are going to give this to her Einstein.
GO: "NO ways !! and by the way what’s the ROI ?"
roi(ROI : Return of investment)
Rishi :”ROI ?? YOU wanna check a girl out and you see ROI ??  ”
He was very angry and he spat out
Rishi : ”U complicated resultant  of CPU’s unproductive gene. Hot chicks talk to you its like mission accomplished. Get your ass to her desk now. RIGHT NOW.
GO was confused he took the pen drive and went to her.
GO : "Hold this Drive !! Plug it in your socket"
ROM(A) surprised : "What the Hell ?"
She looked at him with her I-will-kick-your-ass-to-moon look.
SuperStock_1778R-2472 kick-your-ass-to-moon
GO was staring at her "shit why didn't I help her first time " he cursed himself. Go was not in a position to open his mouth but least what came out was
GO : "Please"
ROM(A) smiled at innocent idiot.
ROM(A) : " Plugged in !!! wow it fits completely. Hope it can hold how much it promises " she teased him.
GO : "What ?"
ROM(A) : " Drive !! I was talking about drive it can hold1 GB ...  Right? "
GO went technical
GO:  No No 970 MB to be exact but 10 to 15 MB varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.
ROM(A)  rolling her eyes 360 degree the typical girls I-dont-understand-your-bullshit-and-I-don't-care gesture.
rolling_eyes_phone eye rolling
GO was still gazing at her.
ROM(A)  :”HELLO What ?” she shrugged.
GO ran !!! GO ran like hell
Things were never same for GO. He came to his desk and couldn't concentrate go was responsible for monitoring the bank system. Network monitor, he had to raise a flag as soon as he saw suspicious activity. He had all backdoor authentication of servers after all GO was the one to create the security system which he was monitoring.  
Rishi : “Rascal !!! you are missing since 10 min’s. where were you ?”
GO : “1 gb pen drive I love you Rishi
GO embraced Rishi real hard
GO looked deeply in Rishi’s eyes and said “I love you” and embraced him again.
Rishi pushed him back, giving weird looks he smelled himself.
 Rishi : ”Dude you have done some SHITTY things in your life BUT THIS ? THIS was SHITTIEST of them all.
ROM(A) : ”Hello mr 1gb
GO turned back ROM was standing there.  GO turned bonkers his heart was pounding.
love-man-heart-pounding GO TURNED BONKERS
ROM(A) : “Bye Bye GO, I got to Go.
ROM smiled and went away.
GO looked at Rishi. Rishi knew exactly what he had to do.   
Rishi : ” Buddy you just hit a jackpot. Roma her name is ROMA
GO : ” Wow !!! i didn’t  knew that Tell me something original Sherlock Holmes 
Rishi : Mrs. ROMA Bajaj , She’s married i confirmed her name on watchman’s register
GO : “Married !!! i can’t believe she looked so ….  ”
Rishi : “Maintained and experienced ?” Rishi asked
GO : ”No Young and beautiful” GO corrected
securedownload (5)
ROM(A) : ”GO.. Your 1 GB pen drive  and  more thing i m not coming back so you can go back to work.
Go laughed and went back to work. He saw his drive and plugged it in.He checked pen drive and everything was empty just 1 file named sorry.He opened the file. “I m sorry you are a real sweetheart you deserve better
GO :”SORRY ? What the hell ??
Error log was flooding with errors
He looked at pen drive for authentication in servers but DRIVE WAS EMPTY.
GO : “Shit m screwed.
These were the last words of GO in organization. he was JAILED for 6 months for violation of privacy act.
and all of this because of 1 GB PEN DRIVE